Ducted Air Conditioning

The ultimate way to manage comfort throughout your entire home

Ducted systems come in a vast range of sizes, styles and configurations. Allowing you to condition multiple rooms or the entire house using just one system.

A great option for heating or cooling your entire home or business.
Ducted systems offer maximum comfort all year round and are reverse cycle, which means you can heat your home in winter and cool in summer.
Ducted system’s are exceptionally discreet, quiet and a seamless integration into your home’s

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How does ducted air conditioning work ?

Ducted air is a whole home solution!
Conditioned air is circulated via ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity with outlets in each room you wish to condition.
The indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling, whilst the outdoor is located outside the home.

Features of a ducted system

High energy efficiency
Economy mode
Fresh air intake
On-off timer
Weekly timer
Intuitive control
Automatic fan speed adjustment
Filter sign

Thermo sensor
Easy to understand operation
Timer and clock display
Temperature Display
Zone names can be programmed
Zone control
Child lock
Backlit display

What is zone control ?

Zone control allows you to you group certain rooms and choose which zones receive the conditioned air, rather than running the system in unused area’s. This also helps to reduce energy consumption of your system. The fujitsu backlit controller allows for up to 8 individual zones to be set.